Fuel Pumps II – PoSlurp.B

In a previous post, this blog examined malware used in a financially-motivated incident at a fuel dispensing company, as disclosed in a security bulletin by VISA. The bulletin detailed a second incident that is likely attributable to an additional threat actor. Specifically, VISA identified C2 infrastructure, a filename, and additional TTPs that allegedly align with FIN8 activity, as described in public Gigamon and Root9b reporting. These TTPs suggest that the threat actors used a memory scraper referred to as PoSlurp.B in public reporting to scrape customer credit card data from a targeted device.

This post examines a PoSlurp.B file identified (through its shellcode loader) by Twitter user @just_windex to provide additional details regarding the malware’s functionality that were not previously disclosed in open source. This analysis focuses on the final payload of the shellcode loader, although additional information and advice for bringing this file into a debuggable state is available at the end of the post.

Unlike the previously analyzed file (FrameworkPoS/GratefulPOS), which indiscriminately scraped all processes on a device, PoSlurp.B is designed to scrape the memory of an attacker-specified process.

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